Quality Hair Extensions: How to Tell the Real from the Fake

October 04 2021 – Nicole Thompson

Quality Hair Extensions: How to Tell the Real from the Fake
Quality Hair Extensions: How to Tell the Real from the Fake

It's phony...It's fake! They're the type of extensions we hate... (Only when we did not knowingly purchase synthetic of course, because there is a time and place for that 😉).



There are so many different hair companies to purchase from, but how can you be sure you are buying what you paid for and if it is worth the cost?



1) Research Baby. One way to be sure, is to do your thorough research. And not the YouTube research that may have sufficed in 2008. Make sure to read through comments to find actual customers/clients who have bought with that company to attain several opinions before you've made your purchase. What are they saying? Does the hair shed? Does it have a strong smell? What is most important to you; price or quality? Is it both? Consider these things prior to purchase.



2) Lit Ends. An easy way to check if your hair actually came from a person is the color. You know how your own natural hair is usually lighter at the ends due to the sunlight, life and other natural occurrences? Well, you're human hair extensions should display this color difference as well. You can also tell when the hair has been severely dyed... Wash it. Does it bleed color profusely? Lightly scrape it with a butterknife or scissor? Does some color rub off? It may have been dyed to cover up something.



3) Tapered ends. Yes, that's a sign of lower quality hair extensions. Some don't draw out the shorter strands of hair causing a severe tapered look that will have your hair looking in need of a cut after you have installed them... YIKES!



4) The Burn Test. This is drastic and should be done prior to your purchase by your hair supplier. However, if you're curious to see if your hair is real or may have synthetic fillers, burn a few strands. Does it molt and smell like plastic? It may have plastic in it. Does it smell like sulfur or turn to ash? That's 100% human hair.


Burn Hair Test


5) The Funky Smell. Does the hair have a strong smell? It may have gone through a tumultuous process; meaning it may have had a chemical bath to get it to look sellable. While purchasing chemically bathed hair has its pros and cons (yes, there are pros to buying chemically treated hair such as low costs), it usually doesn't have longevity and you'll find yourself having to purchase hair more often than you'd like to. 


Fritos Corn Chip Hair Smell


There are so many things to look out for during your search to purchase quality hair extensions, and we want to make sure you're privy to the easiest ways to check if you have bought what you paid for. At Crown Her Kinks, we have to actually wear the hair amongst our team to ensure consistent quality. We want you to always have and wear the best.



Found any new tips here that you may have not known about human hair extensions? Comment below what it is that you have learned. Also, share this blog with a friend.


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