About Us

Hey, Nicole here! I'm the founder of Crown Her Kinks. When I decided to start my hair growth journey again for the millionth time, I knew this one would be different.


Although I wore my natural hair without extensions, my yearning continued for added lengths and volumes that I had worn for most of my adult life. But, I had a new dilemma; I no longer wanted to sport those silky straight tresses that I had been programmed to love.


In my conscious journey to deprogram and educate myself of what it meant for me to accept my natural hair and it's look, Crown Her Kinks was born.


This hair line is based on the foundation that every kinky, coily and curly haired girl should feel as lovely as they truly are. We should have the option to enhance and create hair styles that fit us, as well as embrace our image as it was naturally crafted for us.


Thank you for choosing Crown Her Kinks, we truly appreciate your business.