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As Natural as it gets...

Hair from our Natural Straight Collection is bomb. This hair can be used for blown out looks that will still have lots of texture. Or, if you're a silk-pressed or relaxed diva, you can rock the Regal Straight for an unclockable look.

This collection includes:

The Regal Straight: Has the least texture. Remember that search for straight hair that matches our still textured permed hair? Well, this hair is it!

The Majestic Straight: Kinky patterned hair that looks and feels like blown out hair; Has medium luster and can be semi-coarse to non-coarse.

The Premiere Straight: Kinky patterned hair that looks and feels like blown out hair; Is medium to low luster and coarse. Great for coarse Type 4 hair textures.



Catch these waves... and curls!

Hair from our Regal Tresses Collection is non-coarse and features curls that are loose, springy and have a high luster. This hair closely mimics type 3 hair.

The Regal Tresses Collection includes:

The Deep Wavy: Has very deep waves and a very loose curl pattern.

The Curly CurlyHas curls that are slightly springy.

Whether you're looking for an exact curl type match, vacation hair or everyday curly/wavy look, the Regal Tresses will be your go-to; You will fall in love.



Royal, Luxe and Magic!

Hair from our Majestic Curls Collection features non-coarse curls that are spiraled, have medium to high luster and closely mimics Type 3 hair (can be Type 4 when completely teased out). The Majestic Curls Collection includes:

The Afro Curly: Afro-textured hair with a pronounced spiraled curl pattern. This hair can be fluffed out to create va-va-volume, or you can wear it defined by adding defining curl products; look no further for your curly Afro looks.



Opulence comes in Hair!

Hair from our Premiere Coils Collection is tightly coiled, coarse and has a “Z” or springed coil pattern. This kinky curly is medium luster and the kinky coily is low luster. This collection is crafted for Type 4 hair.

The Premiere Coils Collection includes:

The Kinky Curly: Tightly coiled curls.

The Kinky Coily: Very tight coils. These coils can be fluffed out to reach high volumes of hair.

Are you 4B, 4C or 4Z? Well your opluent hair has an opulent match in our Premiere Coils. Soft, coily and perfect just like your natural coils.


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